After a year's run in the Chinese online market, eBay's (EBAY) will now shift its focus to new services.

Wang Jianshuo, CEO of Kijiji, tells local media that the website has formulated four business strategies for 2006. These include devoting efforts to such classifieds areas as car service, part-time job information and regional activities; emphasizing better message flow; enhancing user-to-user communication; and building an online credibility system.

Wang says that based on the four strategies, Kijiji will launch a batch of products for the Chinese Internet market next month and begin sending email advertisements to subscribers' inboxes.

Kijiji was launched in March 2005, but seems to be not as successful as expected. Starting last month, Kijiji began to combine the its classified ads platforms and with its community content and has launched functions that can enhance inter-personal communications.


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