Chinese auction website is expanding its e-commerce model to include products and services provided by major manufacturers and retailers and is now offering a B2C platform. has signed up manufacturers and retailers including Motorola, Nokia, Haier, Aigo, Lining, Adidas, Giordano, and UTStarcom.

"While American B2C models have failed to succeed in China, Taobao's model will make B2C a reality in China," said Toto Sun,'s General Manager. "Because we are simply connecting large sellers to consumers, rather than taking possession of the goods and serving as a middleman, we are offering a solution that will benefit both manufacturers and consumers in China."

More than 10 million small- and medium-sized businesses use other online marketplaces for B2B marketing and sales, and expects to see a large number of members joining its new program along with leading international companies.'s announcement comes after the China Internet Network Information Center announced this week the results of a new e-commerce study, which found Taobao holding 67.3% market share in Beijing, Shanghai

and Guangzhou, versus eBay China's 29.1%. is owned by Internet company


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