Enea announced that ZTE Corporation has selected Enea's real-time operating system OSE for use with its W-CDMA mobile phone chip-set.

OSE is a family of compact, high-performance deterministic real-time operating systems. Optimized for mobile computing applications, the OSE family addresses all aspects of low-cost, feature-rich 3G handset design, from DSP baseband processing to RISC application processing.

"We are very pleased that ZTE has selected Enea for its world class W-CDMA solution," said Marcus Hjortsberg, director of Enea's Asian operations. "Enea's OSE RTOS is already deployed in half of the world's 3G mobile phones and base stations. This order further strengthens our position in China and in the Asian market, and confirms our position as the premier choice for 3G mobile terminals."

The OSE family delivers fully-preemptive, event-driven, real-time response. It also features a power management system that extends battery life, a crash-safe file system with flash support, and dynamic download capability, which enhances mobile device flexibility by enabling new applications to be downloaded to systems as they operate in the field.


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