Sony Ericsson has opened its first global centralized logistics center in Beijing, which is expected to handle about half of the company's procurement in the future.

As a prelude to opening the logistics center, Sony Ericsson has also moved its global supplier conference to Beijing.

Peter Carlson, vice president of Sony Ericsson who is responsible for the company's procurement, said that for his company, China has shifted from the largest single market to the largest production, development and manufacturing base in the world. Carlson says enlarging procurement and investment in China will improve the company's competitiveness in the global mobile phone market.

According to Sony Ericsson's latest plan, the company will enlarge its total procurement in China after the establishment of the logistics center. It will also recruit more suppliers in China to form an uninterrupted logistics system rooted at the Beijing factory.

Sony Ericsson says it currently has 170 suppliers in China.


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