Hong Kong's SmarTone-Vodafone and Research In Motion (RIM) have launched the new BlackBerry 8707v.

"The BlackBerry 8707v is a powerful new mobile device that is available in Hong Kongexclusively from SmarTone-Vodafone," said Douglas Li, Chief Executive Officer of SmarTone-Vodafone. "The BlackBerry 8707v is the first BlackBerry device that supports high speed UMTS networks as well as roaming in Japan and Korea. SmarTone-Vodafone provides the best 3G network with 99.9% coverage in Hong Kong and the widest 3G roaming destinations with 63 destinations worldwide, making the BlackBerry 8707v an ideal choice for business users and travelers."

In addition to supporting email, phone, text messaging, browser, organizer and other corporate data applications, the BlackBerry 8707v can be used as a wireless modem to enable mobile users to connect to the Internet from their laptop.

It also enables users to speak on the phone while simultaneously sending and receiving email, browsing the Internet or using other data applications, even while the handset is being used as a tethered modem.

The BlackBerry 8707v also comes with Vodafone Today, a home screen that summarizes the latest incoming communications — emails, phone calls, text messages and such — enabling users to stay on top of the latest information.

Norm Lo, Vice President, Asia Pacific at Research In Motion, says, "With the BlackBerry 8707v, mobile professionals will be better able to stay connected to people and information in a timely fashion, providing a competitive advantage. We are very pleased to bring the BlackBerry 8707v to Hong Kong with SmarTone-Vodafone."


  1. Any idea how I can get connected with Blackberry in China? I want to actually buy the smart phone and use it in China. But I can't find ANY information about this. I can find info about PALM TREO but nothing about Blackberry :(


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