SmartPay, China Unicom (CHU) Guangdong, and Guangdong Kingold Telecommunications have together launched "Lottery in your Palm", a mobile lottery service for consumers which allows for purchase, payment, prize award announcements, and award information.

Lotteries are widespread in China, with millions playing regularly in the hopes to both strike it rich and benefit the lottery agencies. This is especially true in southern China. However, the logistical aspect of traditional lottery transactions has restricted the lottery business to a large extent due to the fact that consumers are required to go to designated places to purchase and watch the results at specific time.

By contrast, "Lottery in your Palm" saves people from queuing in the street and allows users to purchase the lottery anytime and anywhere. Moreover, winning users do not need to worry about losing their tickets or missing out on their prizes which ensure high security and convenience for the users.

"There is a huge potential market for 'Lottery in your Palm' and we can capitalize on this trend to quickly capture the market and earn a profit," according to officials from Unicom Guangdong. Unicom anticipates that the revenue in the first three months after the launch will be at least CNY 1 million.


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