In response to a group of Chinese consumers who are seeking money for receiving an incorrect CPU in their Dell laptops, Dell has finally broken its silence saying they it will not pay the price difference to consumers.

The problem was first identified by a consumer who bought a Dell Inspiron 640M laptop online. When the consumer tried to upgrade the EMS memory within the computer, he found that the laptop was fixed with a T2300E CPU, not the T2300 Dell marked on the order form.

50 other users responded to this consumer and said they had identical problems, and they are working together to sue Dell for compensation.

Dell says there is no major difference between the CPU T2300 or T2300E. Local media report that a representative from Dell said that they had already communicated with Intel and received confirmation that the only difference between the T2300 and T2300E is that T2300E can not support some virtual technology which will be used in the future.

Local media also quote unnamed "legal experts" who say that Dell has a responsibility to accept returns of the products or to upgrade the users to the T2300.


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