Navstar has begun to provide content to the largest out-of-home digital TV media group in Beijing.

Navstar's subsidiary, Happy Times, has signed a contract to offer two daily programs to BAMC City TV in Beijing. City TV is the largest out-of-home TV media operator in Beijing, with over 5,000 digital TV panels installed in office buildings, hotels, stores and other commercial locations.

City TV has the only license to offer non-commercial content to the out-of-home TV media. They transmit media content through DVB-T digital TV network systems which can instantly update and change the content offerings.

Steve Sun, Navstar Senior Vice President, stated, "We are very excited to provide daily TV programs to City TV, the largest new TV media group in Beijing. This broadens our customer base and attests to our ability to create and provide content for new media and expand our operations. We intend to leverage our traditional TV content creation and production to launch into new media to extend our value chain and the useful life of our content products while scaling our product delivery. The media world is undergoing dramatic changes in China. Navstar is well-positioned to capitalize on these changes. This contract to provide content to City TV is only the first step in our aggressive strategy of growth."

City TV is the only out-of-home TV media licensed by the Beijing Olympic Committee to offer Olympic related content and is expected to install approximately 20,000 public display TV panels by 2008. Navstar is one of the only three content providers to receive a contract from City TV.

This marks an important step in Navstar's strategy of breaking into new media fields. Navistar also continues to grow its traditional TV programming offerings.


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