Global search engine giant Google (GOOG) has announced that Fujian Wangshang Network Technology Industry Company will sell Google AdWords services in the Fujian Quanzhou area.

Zhou Shaoning, co-CEO of Google China, said that his company has developed 10 agents in China in less than one year, and they will continue to expand this agent program in the future.

Google has arranged a low cost and highly efficient network marketing and promotion system for Chinese enterprises, particularly medium and small ones. More of them have relied on Google's marketing system to promote their products to Chinese and international consumers.

Statistics show that Google only accounted for 13.2% of the market share in China in the first quarter of this year, falling behind of Baidu (43.9%) and Yahoo (21.1%).

However, with the recent hires of Dr. Kai-Fu Lee and the expansion of its reseller program, Google is still seems confident of its service in the country.


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