More than 100 entrepreneurs from companies in Beijing's Zhongguancun gathered on August 15 to promise defense of Chinese national brands as a way to commemorate the 65th anniversary of China's victory in resisting Japanese aggression.

Under the slogans of "Self-Innovation and Dedication to the Motherland" and "V815" (Victory on August 15), they reached a consensus on the importance of creating Chinese brands and they launched a commission for national brand promotion.

The Zhongguancun area boasts a number of famous Chinese enterprises, including Lenovo (LNVGY), (SOHU), and Haier.

Li Jun, CEO of Dawning Group, said that instead of invading China with warships, recently foreign companies have intruded into China with their brands. He told local media that if Chinese companies do not focus on their own brands, they will be swallowed by foreign brands in twenty years.


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