(GOOG) announced that it has made a new headway in the book search service in China with two more partners being added to its book search partner list.

The two new partners are Culture and Arts Publishing House and Guangxi Art Publishing House, both of which are influential publishing institutions in China. With their addition, the number of Google's book search partners in China has reached six.

Cha Zhenke, chief editor of Culture and Arts Publishing House, says that Google's book search will provide a broader space for them to bring more of their books to online readers, particularly those foreign readers and overseas Chinese who want to learn about the latest developments in China.

Huang Zonghu, chief editor of Guangxi Art Publishing House, believes that the cooperation with Google will further promote the growth of the publishing house.

Google's Book Search China Partnership Program is free for all Chinese domestic press and publishing houses. It is aimed at making more Chinese books available to global readers through the Chinese search engine service.


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