Twelve color TV manufacturers from home and abroad jointly announced in Beijing that they will stop sales of CRT color televisions by October 1, 2007.

The TV manufacturers are Philips, LG, Samsung, Hitachi, Sharp, Panasonic, Hisense, Skyworth, Haier, TCL, Changhong and Xoceco.

Of the twelve, representatives from foreign manufacturers including Sharp, Sony, Philips, Samsung and LG have told the media that they will completely withdraw their CRT television from the market by the end of 2006.

Domestic companies such as Haier, Hisense and Skyworth say that although they are still producing CRT color televisions, this type of product does not have a bright future with the popularization of high definition television which features higher resolution and bigger sizes.

Some electrical appliance retailers have already expressed their intention to stop selling CRT televisions. In particular, Suning's new store at Chaoyang Road in Beijing will become the first one to not sell CRT televisions when it opens later this month.


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