Shanda (SNDA), Interjoy Technology Ltd and the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Institute of Automation will together work closely to establish a Digital Interactive Entertainment Laboratory.

Dr. Tan Tieniu, President of CASIA, said, "This collaboration will advance the development and commercialization of advanced global technology including audio/video processing and the interaction between users and computers. All three parties will cooperate in the fields of personnel training and communications, which will also benefit the domestic home digital entertainment industry by providing more and better trained talent."

Each party will utilize its area of expertise to develop the latest digital interactive entertainment technology. Dr. Wang Yangsheng, Principal of the Online Game Strategic Project under the national 863 Hi-tech Plan, was appointed head of the Lab.

In addition to continuously providing healthy and customized intelligent interactive games for Shanda's home entertainment platform, the Lab will also focus on the application of digital interactive entertainment technologies such as video-based interactive engine technology, in-game artificial intelligence, the integration of interactive entertainment technologies and motion detection and tracking.

"As research and development is one of the company's main focuses, we believe our collaboration with CASIA will result in the development of industry-leading healthy entertainment content," said Tang Jun, President of Shanda. "The Lab will help us achieve breakthroughs related to the research and development as well as the application of intelligent interactive technology. The technology developed through the Lab will allow us to extend our home entertainment platform and stay ahead of our competitors."

Interjoy is an affiliated company of Shanda.


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