Motorola (MOT) has opened its Hunan Innovation Center in Changsha, where the company will focus on improving the capabilities of enterprise platforms and mobile applications, providing a venue for Motorola to work with operators, service providers, content providers and end-users on wireless application innovation and development.

"All the participants in the mobile telecommunications industry stand to benefit from the development of wireless technologies and innovative mobile applications," said Ruey-Bin Kao, president of Motorola China. "The Hunan Innovation Center will help to drive the development of the next generation of mobile applications by making the most of Motorola's ability to work with the entire industry, including operators, service providers, application developers and end users."

Motorola says it had strong support from the Hunan government in building the Hunan Innovation Center. The center is located in the Changsha National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone's Lu Valley Park, which is dedicated to advanced technologies and is a central part of the zone.

In support of the national mission to realize an information society, Hunan hopes to take the lead in hosting mobility enterprises and advanced telecommunications applications and services. Motorola Hunan Innovation Center will help Hunan to build experience that will be valuable for the whole country.


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