Sun New Media has entered into a strategic cooperative agreement with the China Periodical Management Center, China's principal regulator of magazines and periodicals nationwide.

Sun New Media says the partnership gives it a competitive edge within China's quickly growing, but increasingly regulated e-publishing sector.

Through the agreement, Sun New Media gains exclusive access to a state-owned content library, which houses 6,500 books, 1,500 audio and video products, 44 journals, and 3 newspapers. Most importantly, it also gets an exclusive partnership with the Chinese Government to issue digital publishing permits for business-to-business (B2B) online publishing.

Ricky Ang, Chief Executive Officer of Sun New Media stated, "Sun New Media's partnership with the Periodical Management Center brings our Marketing and Information Services business unlimited access to B2B information across the country. As the Marketing and Information Services division becomes a larger part of our business going forward, today's announcement secures support from a key government information center, which gives us a substantial edge competitively and operationally. We are very excited to seize the growth opportunities in China's rapidly-growing e-publishing industry."


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