RFID China Alliance says that it is keeping a close watch on the trial use of IP-XTM technology in four sectors in China and will soon verify whether this technology has reached the international standard.

China's trial use of IP-XTM was initiated by iPico and other IT companies after an expert demonstration session was held in July when experts within the RFID industry introduced, in detail, the IP-XTM technology and its related standards and work processes.

iPico, which provides the platform for IP-XTM, anticipates that the technology will make a practical contribution to China's use of RFID.

IP-XTM provides for FreeFlow Spotting of tags in all frequency bands, which means it can enable an RFID tag to be read or authenticated even while it is rapidly moving through sorting or continuous manufacturing processes or attached to a person, container, or vehicle moving at a speed of up to 240 kilometers an hour.

This protocol's unique benefits offer the potential to save millions of dollars in transportation and logistics, supply chain management and other processes. More importantly, low frequency IP-XTM tags can counter violence and save lives by tracing explosives and hazardous materials in pallet, case and unit levels, as well as people who have access to them or track dynamic populations of people, such as miners, over long ranges.

IP-XTM trials will continue to be carried out in Qingdao, Shandong Province.


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