iPico and the China RFID Alliance have announced that iPico's IP-X RFID technology will be tested in four RFID pilot projects in China.

This announcement follows the China RFID Alliance IP-X Forum event held in Beijing this past July, where iPico presented its IP-X RFID technology to various RFID experts from government, industry and academic institutions.

The pilot projects will be deployed in Qingdao and will include the respective government bureaus and organizations in Qingdao, as well as Haier.

iPico says David Ou-yang, Secretary General of China RFID Alliance, indicated that it will support RFID technologies, such as the IP-X technology platform, as well as other advanced technologies in the world that are suitable for key application areas, as defined in the recently published Ministry of Science and Technology White Paper on the adoption of RFID technology in China.

According to Luther Erasmus, COO of iPico, "iPico's IP-X technology platform has the capability to make a valuable contribution to the successful roll-out of RFID in China. The IP-X pilots will utilize products that are based on iPico's UHF (Ultrahigh Frequency) and Dual Frequency RFID technologies."


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