Beijing Wanwei TKgame Technology Company, one of the biggest Internet game peripheral service providers in China, has accused (SOHU) and its Fuzhou branch of violating Wanwei's copyrights and trademarks., an affiliated service of, has reportedly caused the trouble, as Wanwei says that has used the Wanwei name and its other marks as the brands of's online game services. Wanwei says Sohu is engaging in poor competitive practices and is trying to confuse the Internet services of with that of Wanwei.

Lu Wei, marketing director from Wanwei, has told local media that the company discovered Sohu's activities after users complained to Wanwei.

However, Ceng Yi, a manager from Sohu, says that they have not violated Wanwei's copyrights or trademarks.

Local media have not reported any specific legal action that Wanwei plans to take or the type of compensation it is seeking.


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