Linktone (LTON) says it will establish an exclusive partnership with MTV China to operate WAP services for MTV China on China Unicom's (CHU) platform.

Chief Executive Officer Michael Li commented, "As part of Linktone's ongoing strategy to strengthen its overall WAP service portfolio and increase share of the rapidly growing 2.5G WVAS market, we continue to seek strong partnership opportunities to broaden our 2.5G product offering. As such, we are extremely pleased to be able to partner with MTV China, the most popular television station among the younger demographic, to exclusively provide increasingly popular WAP services via China Unicom's platform. As a leading wireless interactive entertainment company in China, Linktone's goal is to expand the market for mobile interactive entertainment services. Through exclusive partnerships such as this one, we believe we will achieve strong penetration while growing Linktone's own user base for WAP services."

Li Yifei, Executive Vice President of MTV Asia stated, "MTV has been committed to exploring new media business and has achieved remarkable progress since 2005. By working with Linktone Ltd., MTV's content now has the capability to reach China's huge subscriber base of over 400 million mobile users."


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