He Guili, director of China Telecommunication Technology Labs and one of the drafters of China's mobile phone standard, says that all the regulators involved are making great efforts on coordinating their work and the new mobile phone radiation standard is expected to come out within this year.

As the creation of the standard involves many different parties including China's Ministry of Information Industry, the State Environmental Protection Bureau and the Department of Health, their opinions need to be considered during the drafting process, which He says will cost some time.

He says though the detailed schedule for the introduction of the standard has not been decided, one thing for sure is that all the basic content of the standard has been settled. China's mobile phone radiation standard will be made based on the more lenient standard used in Europe as recommended by international health organizations.

Domestic mobile phone manufacturers appear ready to accept the new standard, which He says is because most of their products have already been made according to international radiation standards.


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