Genesys Conferencing (GNSY) opened a new software development center in Shanghai.

Asia Pacific has been a high growth market for Genesys Conferencing and today it generates approximately 10% of its total revenue. The company, which entered China in 2005 and is now established in nine countries across Asia-Pacific, estimates that the region will continue to register strong growth rates over the coming years.

"Product innovation and development is central to Genesys' business growth strategy," explains Jim Huzell, President of Genesys Conferencing. "Shanghai offers a highly-qualified developer workforce and this new center will provide additional valuable capacity to our existing teams in Montpellier and Toronto, as well as a truly global, round-the-clock development capability."

In 1988, the company launched the world's first automated conferencing service. In 1994, Genesys developed the first voice conferencing management software. This was followed in 2001 by another technological breakthrough – the launch of the world's first multimedia collaboration platform integrating voice, web and video conferencing: Genesys Meeting Center.


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