UK-based secure distributed content management software firm Wax Info is entering the Chinese software market.

Wax Info is forming a strategic alliance with Shanghai Xindi Computer Company and Japan-based Global Systems to market the Japanese version of ActiveLibrary 4.0 to Japanese enterprises operating in China.

This alliance extends Wax Info's international market reach to target approximately 100,000 Japanese firms operating in China, including over 10,000 firms in Shanghai around the headquarters of Xindi Computer Company.

Global Systems and Xindi Computer are sister companies specializing in the provision of development services to Japanese firms operating in China.

With a focus on access control, information security, compliance and personal information privacy, the company says ActiveLibrary has the security features that are now being demanded by Japanese companies.

Mr. Nigel Spence, Chief Executive Officer of Wax Info Limited, said, "This alliance is a watershed in our business development efforts in Japan. It reflects the high degree of confidence that our Japanese partners have developed in the quality and functionality of the ActiveLibrary product range."


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