Some Guangzhou KTV outlets say it's their party and they can sing if they want to–they may not pay the copyright fees recently issued by the Chinese government.

Doubting the validity of the music copyright fee standard of CNY12 per room per day issued by the National Copyright Administration of China, over 100 KTV outlets in Guangzhou, including Party World, Jin Kuang KTV and Chao Ge KTV say they may collectively refuse to pay the fee.

The Guangzhou Municipal Culture and Entertainment Association is representing the KTV businesses and has submitted opnions in the form of a written document to NCAC stating that they won't accept NCAC's charging standard or pay the copyright fee to the China Audio and Video Association as required.

GMCEA has expressed three doubts in the document. First, it believes that CAVA's Collective Management Center, which is still in the pre-opening process, has no right to make the charging standard, so it is ridiculous for NCAC to pass the standard. Second, it believes the standard is coercive as it was made unilaterally without collecting any opinions from the KTV operators. Third, it questions the fairness of the packaged charging standard of CNY12 per room per day.


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