The Ministry of Information Industry, China Mobile, China Unicom and some major SPs including have announced in Beijing the start of the China Green Mobile Phone Culture Construction Alliance.

The Alliance will work towards ending illegal and unsolicited short messages.

Members of the alliance have pledged to work on regulating their own operations and service behavior, trying to stop traps involved in providing information services and committing not to produce or spread any illegal messages.

Xi Guohua, vice minister of MII, says that illegal short messages that contain pornography have seriously undermined Chinese society and they done great harm to mobile phone users. MII will focus on preventing and straightening out these kinds of messages after the alliance is set up.

Statistics issued by the Alliance show that mobile phone users in China receive an average of 8.29 unsolicited short messages each week, of which fraudulent and Chinese sex messages have taken up 54% and 48%, respectively, of all the messages.


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