China Unicom (CHU) has disclosed the details of its plans to monitor service providers and the method for users to unsubscribe from mobile value-added services.

China Unicom says it has cancelled the message number-based service ordering and launched a double confirmation system for service ordering which means an order can be valid only after being twice confirmed by the applicant. In the past, many users complained that they were subscribed to MVAS without a confirmation, and they therefore had to pay money for those unwanted services.

China Unicom has also asked SPs to offer IVR services to remind users about the charging methods, charging standards and information fees involved in a particular services and must not charge the users any information fee in the first 15 seconds of calling the IVR hotlines.

China Unicom adds that it has strengthened the management surrounding its cooperation with SPs and improved the user complaint reception mechanism and SP's rule-breaking treatment mechanism. In the meantime, it has improved the flow of applying, approving, testing and use of the value-added services and plans to eliminate unqualified SPs through periodical reviews.

China Unicom has already stopped relationships with 64 SPs in the first ten months of this year.


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