The strategic partnership between Langchao, the top server brand in China, and Intel, the global server giant, has been further upgraded with a latest Memorandum of Understanding signed between them, which enables Langchao to enter Intel's Platform Strategic Review.

According to the new MOU, the parties will carry out in-depth cooperation on the whole cycle of server products ranging from server platform research and designing to manufacturing and sales.

Wang Endong, senior vice president of Langchao, says that Langchao's entry into Intel's PSR and signing of this MOU will bring an end to the lack of core and competitive technologies in the local server industry and bring Chinese servers into a new era of being domestically made.

The cooperation is similarly important to Intel and will enable it to define its server products more accurately through learning Langchao's understanding of Chinese clients so as to make them more suitable for the Chinese market.


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