Along Mobile has signed a strategic alliance with China Mobile's (CHL) Shaanxi Branch to penetrate into the mobile phone fees collecting service next year.

Li Jianwei, CEO of Along, says, "This strategic alliance with China Mobile's (NYSE:CHL), Shaanxi Branch will be a win win for both parties."

Currently, the mobile phone fees are collected by various commercial banks, and business halls held by China Mobile and China Unicom. The subscribers can only choose from those predestined business halls and the commercial banks where they opened accounts, and thus do not enjoy any real convenience. Through this deal, those China Mobile subscribers will now be able to pay mobile phone fees at any place where Along's downloading machines are installed. They can pay their bill while they stop to download pictures, ringtones and mobile games.

This service will be first started within the Xi'an area and Along's downloading terminals in Xi'an will be the first terminals to have this service available.


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