Digital China, the largest projector dealer in China market, is reported to have provided false technical index for projector products.

Local media reports that Digital China, which works as a sales agent for most Japanese branded projectors, is offering a false index to the projectors of most of its agent brands including NEC and Panasonic. reports that a dealer from Digital China disclosed that providing false indices has indeed become a rule in the projector industry and this has basically been acknowledged by the projector manufacturers. The dealer says that the reason for Digital China to do so is because of sales pressure.

At present, there is a great deal of false data on brightness and setup, the two most important indices for projectors in China market.

The products involved include: 3M for which Digital China marks a higher brightness index; Sharp for which Digital China marks higher lumen and setup indices; NEC for which Digital China offers a different index with that of NEC's Chinese website; and Viewsonic for which digital China marks a higher lumen index.

The company has not publicly refuted these claims.


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