CDC Software, a wholly owned subsidiary of CDC Corporation (CHINA), has announced its investment in Business Intelligence Consulting de Mexico.

CDC made the announcement as part of its previously announced Franchise Partner Program that helps establish strategic relationships with selected partners in certain international regions to accelerate mutual business expansion.

Earlier this year, CDC Software launched its Franchise Partner Program, which includes US$20 million designated for investment in channel partners. Under this program, CDC Software provides direct cash investments, equity investments, lines of credit and a combination of these, to distribution partners in high-growth geographies, including Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, India, China and Asia/Pacific. BI is the third partner selected into the Franchise Partner Program in recent months. According to the agreement with BI, CDC Software will acquire a 19 percent equity stake in the company, with the option to acquire 100 percent of the company in three years.

"We have established a very successful partnership with CDC Software over the last four years through our sales and support of the Ross Enterprise applications," said Manuel Larios, managing director of Business Intelligence Consulting. "By joining CDC Software's Franchise Partner Program, we will further build on this success to strengthen both CDC Software and BI's business and leadership position in Mexico."

For more than four years, BI has been a successful partner representing CDC Software in Mexico and Central America. Mutual customers of BI and CDC Software include Sky Chefs (Mexico and Venezuela), Schenectady, Torrecid de Mexico, Kluber Lubrication Mexicana, TechData, Hewlett Packard, Consorcio AGA, Polikon and Embasador AGA. Business Intelligence Consulting, founded in 1998, is a leader in providing collaborative business solutions for the process manufacturing industry, with expertise in systems information, manufacturing, distribution and finances, as well as network wired structures.


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