Xi Guohua, vice minister of China's Ministry of Information Industry, said at the Work Conference of China Telecom Group 2007, that MII will encourage mobile operators to carry out reforms on their one-way charging, but because of the two-way balancing involved in the process, this couldn't be done until China Telecom and China Netcom get their mobile licenses.

Xi admitted at the conference that MII's reform on telephone services had not achieved the desired results, particularly with mobile phone calling fees, monthly rentals and regional roaming. This is the first time that MII has publicly made comments on the gap between its telecom reform and expectations.

However, MII denied the rumor that one-way charging will be carried out starting January 1, 2007. And telecom operators say that it would be difficult to adopt the one-way charging in a short time due to the complicated issues like network differences and account settlements between different operators.


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