PacificNet's (PACT.PK) Epro subsidiary has been selected by China Unicom's (CHU) Shanghai Branch to provide CRM consulting and call center training services.

Under the project service agreement, PacificNet Epro will enhance the CRM service level and telemarketing management capability of China Unicom's customer service center called the 10010 Information Hotline.

This comprehensive consulting project's scope covers a number of key areas including customer service and telemarketing management, development of outsourcing telemarketing programs, call center workflow design, business management, project Return on Investment (ROI), customer affinity, designing effective telemarketing scripts, and improving customer service agent capabilities.

Fei Jing Zhi, Manager of China Unicom's Shanghai Call Center 10010 Information Hotline, stated, "We are happy to partner with PacificNet Epro's CRM consulting team for their expertise and assistance in increasing the overall performance of our contact center management workflow, telemarketing effectiveness, as well as our CRM service quality. We hope to work with PacificNet Epro as our long-term CRM partner on future call center projects."


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