5Fad, one of the many digital music services in China, has signed a partnership contract with BrainMedia to launch a mobile streaming service for users in China to enjoy 3G quality services on their existing 2.5G mobile data network.

5Fad is the holder of one of the largest number of original music copyrights in China–it controls 80% of the original music market on the mainland. BrainMedia is the leading provider of a codec technology for low bit-rate encoding and has developed a platform specifically designed for wireless music delivery.

BrainMedia's technology enables the user to create high quality audio content at the lowest bit-rate available for China's current 2.5G wireless network. This capability allows mobile users to enjoy multimedia programs from their handset at any time and anywhere. It will allow users in China to start enjoying 3G quality service on the existing 2.5G network.

Duanping Wu, CEO of 5Fad, said, “"China is the biggest wireless communication market, having over 500 million mobile subscribers, achieving above 40% of the global market share. The mobile music market is estimated to grow its revenue over tens of billions Renminbi. With the 3G deployment, more and more domestic companies will enter this market and face fierce competition. Now 5Fad has actively seized the 1st position in the 2.5G Mobile Streaming Service Market. So its future will be very promising."


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