Alibaba, one of the largest B2B online service providers in the world, has set up a Client Development and Service Center in Chengdu.

The foundation of the new center is expected to create business opportunities worth over CNY1 billion for local Sichuan enterprises in the years to come and help them to quickly integrate into the world's outsourcing chain.

Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba, says the center in Chengdu is the first one that they have opened this year and it will be mainly responsible for client services related to Chinese suppliers' products in the western part of the country. Ma says that the establishment of this center shows a further exploration that they have made in the e-commerce market in the western part of China.

Alibaba is reportedly currently recruiting talent and planning to launch a series of new services for the local businesses. Alibaba's online trading platform currently owns 420,000 professional buyers in 220 countries across the world.


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