Local media report that after its PC products, and those of Fujitsu, NEC and HP, were exposed by the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Industry and Commerce as having problems, Japan-based Toshiba has apologized to customers but has refused to recall the products.

The two Toshiba notebook computers part of ZPBIC's report were the Satellite L100 and Satellite A80. They reportedly have static electricity problems, and an internal document from Toshiba says that the company has stopped selling these two types of computers all around China, but they refuse to accept returned products from customers.

A representative from ZPBIC who is in charge of dealing with the problematic notebook computers, says they have checked all the unqualified notebook computers, including the products of Toshiba, and may punish the company for its failure to receive the products from customers.

Toshiba, Fujitsu, NEC and HP are now in discussions with ZPBIC for a final settlement on the issue, which may come out later this week.


  1. It always takes a disater to bring attention to anything. Well, I will tell you a disaster before it happens. Counterfeit electronics being sold in China. Most appear to be in the SCHENZEN area. What will it take before this problem is taken seriously. An airplane falling from the sky? Perhaps a missle hanging a u-turn in flight. I'm telling you, something must be done as these parts are being bought and sold all over the world. Not just commercial parts but Military spec parts. Then and only then will the media jump on the bandwagon. Looking for someone to help expose this serious problem BEFORE it becomes "fashionable" to jump on the bandwagon.



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