China Unicom says that it has purchased two million low-end CDMA mobile phones from seven manufacturers who run mobile phone businesses in China. This is the largest purchase that China Unicom has ever made for low-end CMDA mobile phones.

The seven manufacturers who sold mobile phones to China Unicom are Motorola, Nokia, Samsumg, LG, Huawei, ZET and Hisense. Of them, Huawei is a fresh supplier for China Unicom as this is the first time that it has won a sales bid.

A representative from China Unicom says these newly purchased mobile phones will be sold at about CNY400 each will mainly target users in the rural areas and some low-income groups in the urban areas. Despite the low price, the person says that these mobile phones feature strong signal reception capacity and ultra-long standby time.

China Unicom, which has already 36.13 million CDMA users, says that it has made this purchase not only to enrich its CDMA mobile phone categories to better meet the users' demands, but also as a good preparation for further expansion of its CDMA service this year.


  1. hi i have takeb a new cell of china made n it has 6.1 channel speaker system but i am not able to understand ehich make is it can any one help me


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