China Mobile (CHL) has issued its corporate responsibility report, the first one ever issued in China's telecommunications industry.

The report highlights the achievements that China Mobile has made in carrying out its social responsibility since its foundation seven years ago and puts forward ways they will increase the harmonious development of the company, society and environment as the main objectives for their operations.

China Mobile says that it will undertake social responsibility and economical responsibility to promote sustainable development. On one hand, it will contribute its fair share of taxes to lead the telecommunications industry and create more job opportunities. On the other hand, it will try to improve the quality of life for all its stakeholders by helping to reduce environmental pollution through its Green Box Environmental Protection Program.

According to the report, China Mobile has turned in a total tax of CNY167 billion since 2002, and offered more than 2 million direct and indirect employment positions. It has also devoted about CNY13 billion to install telephones for 29,773 administrative-level villages in China from 2004 to September 30, 2006.

China Mobile says that it has made the CSR report by following the sustainable development report guide of GRI, which has been widely adopted by many 500 Fortune companies.

With many Chinese companies jostling to show the world that they are ready for international commerce, and with the influence of the U.N. Global Compact, more large-scale state-owned enterprises are starting to make efforts to fulfill their social responsibilities and show compliance with international standards. The State Grid Corporation of China was the first state-owned enterprise that issued its social responsibility report in China in March 2006.


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