China VoIP & Digital Telecom's subsidiary Jinan Yinquan Technology continues to expand its presence in China's VoIP industry with a new relationship with China Tie Tong.

Jinan Yinquan now services three provinces and 19 cities with Shandong Province as its primary base of operations. The company's proprietary NP Soft Switch IP telephone system enables users to access VoIP services allowing customers to use the system to make telephone calls to anyone in the world at a much lower cost than standard telephone rates.

Jinan Yinquan recently announced its new electronic fax system for enterprise business customers in partnership with China Tie Tong. Available across Shandong Province, the electronic fax service is an Internet-based fax solution that will enable enterprise businesses to send and receive faxes using existing email accounts.

China Tie Tong is one of the six largest basic telecom operators in China. The company, which has 31 provincial branches and 316 municipal branches. employees approximately 72,000 people. Its high-speed backbone optical transmission network consists of five fiber loops covering most of the cities in China's 31 provinces and a distance of 52,000 kilometers. During the period of 2001 to 2005 annual revenues have grown by 30% while fixed-line subscribers increased from 1.35 million to 16.4 million. By the end of 2005 the company had 2 million Internet subscribers and assets of 53.3 billion CNY.


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