China's National Development and Reform Commission has approved the Network Home Appliance General Requirement QB/T2836-2006, made by Chinese home appliance manufacturer Haier, as the industry standard of the entire home appliance industry.

Six standards drafted by Haier Network Appliance Standardization Division, such as Regulation of Home Media Center Devices, Regulation of Residential Gateway Devices and Technical Regulation of Home Digital Proprietary Rights Management have also been submitted to the Standardization Administration of China for examination and approval and might soon also become industry standards.

Until now, seven Haier Group network appliance standards have been adopted as industry standards throughout China.

The QB/T2836-2006 standard will go into effect on August 1, 2007 and will be published by China Light Industry Press.


  1. How will this affect factories already producing in China? Will ther be a charge for this to get certified and where can I find more info about this?

    Thomas Mannheim
    Elergy Machines


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