Atos Origin and the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad announced the formal inauguration of its Integration Test Lab in Beijing.

"The inauguration of the Integration Test Lab is a testimony to the efficient and on-time delivery of the critical IT systems for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. It is also a strong indicator of the highly effective cooperation between BOCOG, Atos Origin and the technology partners," said Yang Yichun, Director of BOCOG Technology Department. "Atos Origin has rich experience and strong expertise in building IT systems for Olympic Games, and deep understanding of BOCOG's stringent requirements for IT systems for the 2008 Olympic Games. We commend the great efforts made by Atos Origin."

The opening of this critical technology facility marks the completion of planning and development phases, and ushers in the phase of integration testing for all the key IT infrastructure and software applications that will be used during the 2008 Games.

The Integration Test Lab is used by Atos Origin and other technology partners to integrate and test the Olympic Games' IT infrastructure, information security systems and key software applications, such as those in the Games Management Systems that provide accreditation, transportation and accommodation schedules, medical encounters reports, sports qualifications and protocol information.

The Information Diffusion Systems are another set of applications designed, developed and tested by the integration team led by Atos Origin. Atos Origin integrates and manages the IT system that relays results, events and athlete information to spectators, media, officials, sponsors and members of the Olympic Family around the world. Atos Origin says it has already delivered many of the Games Management Systems applications and the Info Diffusion Systems applications for testing.

Atos Origin will also use this facility to train a core staff of hundreds of IT experts from within its own company, as well as from BOCOG and other technology partners in China, who will run the IT systems at more than 60 competition and non-competition venues during the Games. The Integration Test Lab is the first of five key facilities that will provide critical IT support for the Games: the Technology Operations Center that will serve as the nerve command center; the PC Factory that will prepare equipment before installation at venues; and separate Primary and Back-up Data Centers that will host the servers and other infrastructures.


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