The Beijing Municipal Information Office and 2008 Engineering and Construction Headquarters have tasked China Mobile, China Netcom and other telecom operators to jointly work on the issuance of City Information Basic Infrastructure and Service Guide and put it into trial use by 2008.

According to the Guide, all the designated hotels, airports, railway stations that are open to the public during the 2008 Olympic Games shall be covered by mobile phone signals and wireless Internet.

The Guide has put forward some criteria on the information service of fixed communications, mobile communications, broadcast and wireless Internet in the key areas which provide service for the spectators of the Olympic Games. It consists of three parts: instruction, direction and suggestion, which shall be respectively undertaken by the concerned government departments.

In the service units like Olympic Village, Media Village, International Broadcasting Center and IOC hotels, public Internet connection facilities will be installed as well.

The Guide is the chief criteria for the information construction and networked services during the Olympic Games, and the authorities expect to constantly update it until the Games begin.


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