UFIDA Software Company announced in Shanghai that it would make some adjustment to its internal structure and lines of business in order to improve its product, marketing and service capabilities as well as to coordinate with the implementation of the company's new strategies.

This is the largest structural adjustment that UFIDA has ever made since it was listed on the stock market.

UFIDA says it will set up four main departments: ERP Department; Group and Industry Client Solution Department; Small Management Software and Online Application Service Department; and Training and Education Department. Zheng Yulin, vice president of UFIDA, says that with these adjustments, the company's products and goals will be shown more clearly.

Regarding its management pattern, UFIDA will replace the original regional organization pattern with a new provincial operation pattern. Each of its subsidiaries will be asked to be responsible for the distribution and overall marketing of the company. Zheng says that this is good for UFIDA to better develop the regional market.

However, the setting of the provincial operation pattern means that each regional market will face more pressure. Ji Xueqing, general manager of UFIDA Shanghai, told local media that the Shanghai region handles a tenth of the company's business and it is asked to double its profit this year.

With this new adjustment, 25% of UFIDA's software will also now rely on outsourcing services to other vendors.


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