China's State Administration of Radio, Film and Television has issued a mobile phone TV license to Beijing TV Station.

With the license, "License of Video and Audio Program Transmission Through Information Network", BTV is going to conduct mobile phone TV services in cooperation with Beijing Mobile this year.

The license that BTV received is the sixth issued by SARFT. The other five have been given to Shanghai Media Group,, SMC, China Radio International and China National Radio, respectively.

However, according to a representative from BTV, only the licenses issued to SMG and can be used to carry out all mobile phone TV services, and the licenses given to the other four parties can only be used for some of the mobile phone TV services. In BTV's case, the license will only be used to run network TV and mobile phone TV, excluding IPTV.

BTV has begun to test the network TV service. It will sign a general strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Mobile in the second half of this year.


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