Two months after the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Industry and Commerce exposed problems in the VERSA S3100 laptop, Japanese electronics manufacturer NEC has finally admitted on its website about the laptop's quality problems.

The laptop suffers from insufficient anti-static capabilities, but NEC has not promised to recall or allow consumers to return the problematic computers.

However, NEC is the first of the four computer manufacturers exposed in December last year that has officially admitted roblems. The company says that it will add fixes to those sold computers instead of recalling them.

A representative from NEC China says that NEC has stopped supplying the faulty laptop to dealers, but they are not sure whether some dealers are still selling the goods provided to them earlier.

On December 14, 2006, Zhejiang Municipal Department of Industry and Commerce announced that five different types of laptop computers made by four manufacturers — Toshiba, Fujitsu, NEC and HP — were unqualified for various reasons.


  1. I have problem with VGA compatible for my laptop(Intel(R)CPU T1600,1G DDR2,120GSATA,1G memory)after formatting.Video quality is very poor and slow.How I correct this problem.Please help me to get software for VGA.


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