China's National Council for Social Security Fund says it will now be using Insightful's (IFUL) S-PLUS as its primary analytics platform for building the SSF's internal metric system for risk management and investment performance.

"Given our mandate for building an internal metric system for risk management and investment performance, we needed a strong analytics platform that will help us to quickly build and test predictive quantitative models," said Su Yuansheng, project leader of Information Research Division of SSF. "We chose S-PLUS over competitors including SAS and SPSS because of the economic value it provides with its flexible and rapid prototyping and its proven capabilities in modeling and analyzing financial market data."

SSF, established to manage and operate more than US$25 billion in assets of the National Social Security Fund, will use the Insightful platform's advanced quantitative and scientific approaches to build predictive models in order to accurately predict risk and thereby minimize economic surprises. By developing an S-PLUS-based investment performance system, the fund's goals are to improve returns and manage risks more effectively.

In addition to S-PLUS, SSF will also be deploying Insightful's S+FinMetrics and S+NuOPT. S+FinMetrics is a specialized software solution for modeling, analyzing, and visualizing financial market data. The software offers a modern, and flexible analytic environment for reliable and robust, predictive econometric modeling. S+NuOPT combines powerful statistics and graphics with large-scale optimization problem solving. It is specifically designed to optimize large portfolios of assets and liabilities.

"We are very pleased to have the S-PLUS product family selected by the National Council for Social Security Fund after such a thorough and rigorous evaluation process," said Jeff Coombs, president and chief executive officer of Insightful. "Being selected by the SSF is not only highly prestigious for Insightful, but an important step in our strategy to build Insightful's presence in China."


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