Semiconductor firm Virage Logic Corporation (VIRL) has announced distributor relationships with Hyperform Technologies and OnePass Solutions in China.

"As the semiconductor industry's trusted IP partner to more than 300 companies, we've seen first hand the industry's move to a more specialized, fabless model, and the resulting demand for silicon proven, technical differentiated semiconductor IP," said Brani Buric, senior director of strategic business solutions for Virage Logic. "China represents the most rapidly growing fabless semiconductor market and we look forward to working with regional and technology experts Hyperform and OnePass to best service this important market."

The distributor engagements establish a direct sales and support channel to better service Virage Logic's long standing fabless customers and provide a solid infrastructure to service the rapidly growing China fabless market. Initial sales and support services will be focused at consumer and large, government sponsored companies concentrated in the Beijing, Shenzen and Shanghai technology regions.

"Virage Logic's broad portfolio of silicon proven IP is ideally suited to meet the cost, density, performance and power requirements of China's chip designers, particularly in the rapidly growing consumer and graphics applications markets," said Jianjun Liu, chief executive officer of Hyperform Technologies.


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