Huawei says it secured 16 CDMA2000 1xEV-DO commercial contracts in 2006 and recorded a 30% growth in CDMA revenues in the same period.

Huawei's CDMA solutions now serve over 60 million users worldwide as a result of the company's strong customer-centric focus and success over the past 10 years in the CDMA business. Huawei says it actively invests and participates in CDMA standards and technology research, contributing significantly to the development of Ultra Mobile Broadband architecture. The company accounted for 14% of UMB patents filed as of December 2006.

"We have reaffirmed our position as the world's leading CDMA solutions provider with unrivaled growth in the global CDMA market," said Cai Liqun, president of Huawei CDMA Networks. "We expect to carry this growth momentum into 2007 across key international markets as Huawei continues to tailor solutions to meet the different needs of operators across the world."

Huawei also retained its global market share leadership in CDMA WLL (Wireless Local Loop) in 2006. The company provides universal services for 68 percent of CDMA WLL users and 65% of CDMA 450 users throughout the world. Major CDMA operators such as Skylink in Russia, Telmex in Mexico have adopted the advanced Huawei CDMA 450/WLL solutions to achieve flexible coverage, and delivery of abundant high speed data services.

Huawei says its innovative "5 carriers" technology realizes the S5/5/5 configuration of CDMA BTS, a breakthrough from the limitation of inherent "3 carriers", which increases the capacity of Huawei's industry-leading CDMA BTS by 67% through higher integration, thus reducing the number of BTS base station required for carriers. The advance in CDMA technology has helped Huawei to secure a number of contract wins from top tier carriers throughout the world.



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