Seeing that one of his emails was exposed online, a lawyer from Hangzhou is taking Chinese search engine provider (BIDU) and an unnamed email service provider to court, asking the two defendants to make an online public apology to him for 30 consecutive days.

In August 2006, Guo Li noticed that one of the emails that he sent in July 2006 was exposed online in cached form by He immediately contacted Baidu and the email service provider, asking them to delete the relevant links and content from the website. He didn't receive any response from Baidu, and the email service provider replied and said that the email content was illegally indexed by Baidu's search bot.

Guo says that it was the email service provider and Baidu that had together exposed his email, and that is why he lodged the lawsuit against both of them.

Hangzhou Xiaoshan District People's Court will process the case soon.


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