Savi Networks has announced an agreement on a project to extend the SaviTrak information service to facilities operated by Modern Terminals Limited, one of the leading container terminal operators in Asia.

Deployment of the network at Modern Terminals' facilities in Hong Kong will enhance the security and efficiency of in-transit cargo shipments. The installation of SaviTrak's standards-based Radio Frequency Identification infrastructure at Modern Terminals' facilities will automate visibility of RFID-sealed containers and their contents, providing the terminal operator and its customers with real-time location and status information, automated alerts, and analytics.

"Modern Terminals Limited's important Hong Kong facilities extend the visibility that SaviTrak provides for shippers, carriers and logistics service providers throughout the global supply chain," said Steve Sewell, senior vice president of Savi Networks.

Savi Networks has partnerships with major port and terminal operators to build infrastructure at more than 80 terminals worldwide.


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