China's anti-virus software giant Kingsoft reported to the police that it has been attacked by a variation of the rampant virus Hack.Huigezi.

According to the report, a man who claimed to be a member of the "Huigezi Workshop" called an anti-virus engineer at Kingsoft, ominously warning him to be careful of the side effects of cracking down on Huigezi. A day later, Kingsoft's website was attacked by over 10,000 computers from Taiwan, Langfang, Hengshui and Beijing, but fortunately this was all blocked by Kingsoft.

Kingsoft believes that it was attacked because it has launched a campaign against the Trojan virus. Despite this minor setback, Lei Jun, president of Kingsoft, says that the company will continue the battle against Huigezi.

Hack.Huigezi is a kind of Trojan virus that combines many different features. Once it attacks a computer, every move of the user will be monitored by the hacker who can easily steal the user's account, password, photos and important files. In February this year, it attacked more than 250,000 computers in China.


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