Chinese interactive entertainment company Shanda (SNDA) has entered into an exclusive agreement with Korea's Wemade Entertainment Company to operate the 3D MMORPG Changchun Online in mainland China.

The game is expected to enter open-beta testing in China in the second half of 2007 and is a fighting game based upon the popular Chinese novel "The Romance of Three Kingdoms," which is one of a collection of four classic Chinese novels. The game has already finished the second round of closed-beta testing in Korea, which attracted over 100,000 applicants for only 2,000 accounts.

"After three years of dedication and effort we are ready to introduce Changchun Online in China. Shanda is the largest and also the best game operator in China. Given our previous relationship, Shanda was our first and we believe, the best, choice," said Kwan-ho Park, CEO of Wemade. "Our collaboration with Shanda reinforces our expectation that Changchun Online has the potential to become yet another record breaking title."


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